When I moved to LA a group of friends and I started a gaelic football team, the Culver City Cougars. If you don't know gaelic football is an Irish sport that's kind of a mix between soccer and rugby. Before we even had players we had a brand; a tough looking cougar with an eye patch. Today, we've grown from a group of four guys to a club of 60 plus members in 2 years.


It turns out that you can't have a team without players. The Cougars needed a kickstart, so we created our first ad campaign. We photoshopped together a "real life" cougar and put her on Tinder along with our website link. All we had to do next was sit around and watch the hits count up on our site and well that was exactly what happened. In fact we had so much traffic that we had to shut down the team's Tinder account. Oh and we also got of overloaded with plenty of pervy messages. 

To reach a more specific Irish born audience we hijacked some world reknown Guiness posters and made them our own. We placed them in Irish pubs all around LA.


We weren't able to secure a live animal cougar to be our mascot but we did find a Lilly and believe me this beast is as ferocious as they come.